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Compost Teana's

Since 2015

Compost Teanas' was started in 2015 by our founder Sheri Powell.  Sheri is a long time student of Dr. Elaine Ingham and the Soil Food Web school.  We started Compost Teana's because we could see there was a big demand in southern California for quality microbe rich extracts and teas, but no one was making them.  We talked with many landscapers who would say they really wanted to use microbe rich compost extracts for their new landscapes, but they needed to know the teas and extracts had the quality microbes they were looking for.  So we started Compost Teana's.  Our Soil Food Web lab technicians look at our products under the microscope to ensure our extracts are top quality.


Client since 2019

Joe Portraits-0053.jpg

Joe Zanotelli

General Manager


Sheri Powel


Maricio Clavel

Operations Manager

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